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Headldsburg, CA - Capabil-IT getaway

Lemon Tree Cottage is reasonably kitted out - there are hair dryers, straighteners, hair products and ancillary stuff like that. There is wifi in the house, the password is Zigzag1. There is a small BBQ in the garage tho if you wish. Basically make yourself at home.  The orange bedroom is yours. Towels in the hall closet or in the linen closet in the bathroom. When in doubt ping me.


I have a couple of house rules. You can't drive my car, the wine is off limits but feel free to leave me a bottle if you discover a good vintage while on your trip ;)  Please leave the house the same or better than how you found it and make sure it is locked up and the key is back in the lockbox when you leave.   Otherwise make yourself at home.


There is a security system there but I will disable it including the cameras while you are there.

I hope you enjoy my little bit of heaven.


If you have any problems call me:




Maggie Rigaux

Your host

Things to do

Things to see

Places to eat

There is a Saturday market off the plaza on Saturdays.  You can rent bikes in a couple of locations.  Nice way to hit the wineries   Or sightsee around the area. This is a serious tourist town. Weekends it is a total destination place for people from San Fran. There is a market called big john's market near my place. Is it excellent for everything and there is a Safeway in town somewhere too. Another grocery option is Oakville grocery on the plaza. Excellent picnic stuff


Wineries for tastings.  It is insane. There are so many to choose from.  Some are a drive. If you want. You can book a driver and have them pop you around. Sterling limo is one I have used in the past. David Gray is the driver ( not the singer). Or there are a number of tasting rooms around the plaza so you can stumble home. I would recommend (driving)  Mazzocco, de la Montanya (that was the wine you got last year at the func party), Stryker, soda rock, silver oak, Chateau Saint Jean (further away).

In town you MUST go to Williamson Wines. Tell the guys at the tasting room that you are staying at my place. It is a great and fun tasting experience.  I went to Australia with these people,,,,,so much fun.


Not to be missed.  Davis family vineyard on front street (co-located with zazu on the river) and Holderidge also on front.  There are so many tasting rooms your head will spin. If you find others you like please snag a card!


There are tons of other things to do in the area,  if you want a fun route to San Fran. Take the coastal highway to point Reyes is pretty!


Have too much fun!!

The town is a culinary Mecca! faves are scopa ( tiny - reservation required), dry creek kitchen (fancy) Bistro ralph, Willi's,  Ravenous, a new lunchy place zazu on the river is great too, or for breakfast nothing beats costeaux's bakery


Healdsburg bar and grill is a great burger place. Spoon bar wonderful cocktails and people watchingMost of t.he restaurants are around the town plaza but you can't go wrong.  It is California!

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